Don't Be Surprised By A Volatile Career Marketplace. Take Action to Remain Employable. 

Executive job security doesn’t come from one job any more. Executive job security now comes from always remaining employable regardless of what is going on at work or in the global market. Always have a plan ready to execute to capitalize on an unexpected opportunity for promotion, or make a lateral move when the unexpected happens to you.

The first step towards achieving career stability is to accept that you can't have a stable executive job - but you can have stable, continuous executive employment.  

What do I mean? You might work one executive job over 10 years, or three executive jobs continuously over 10 years. In today’s new world, both are considered stable since both are continuous executive employment. 

You need to remain in demand… You need to be employable.  

In our modern, global economy, executive job security needs to be redefined as taking the steps to ensure that you can always land an executive job - not simply staying in the same job for a long period of time.  

How do you ensure that you are continuously employed and creating executive job security?  

First, you create demand for what you do by factually documenting your wins, and then broadcasting these wins to remind your employer and the competition that you are at the top of your game in what it is you do.  

Second, you leverage the peculiarities of the current job market to stand out from the competition and capitalize on hidden opportunities. Continuous employment is about consistently attracting the right attention and organically building your network - whether you're actively looking for a new job or not. You want to build it before you need it.  

At Chameleon Resumes, we've created a unique system to support executives that are interested in creating long term job stability for themselves. 

Our individualized executive coaching is designed to support you in achieving continuous employment.

Our coaches are all career professionals and former recruiters who will work with you to...

Time Your Next Career Move To Maximize Your Visibility

We'll help you identify those times of the year when most job seekers are not active. With the diminished noise this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to use the holiday season as a way to connect and reconnect with people, Strategize your campaign now so that you're not caught in the last minute rush.

Expand Your Professional Network  

Work one on one with your executive coach to craft the kind of messaging that is going to organically grow your professional network. Marketing yourself is no different from marketing a product or service. You'll learn how to share your strengths and critical skills. Our coaches will show you how to network both in your company and accross social media.

Attract Attention On LinkedIn  

Get actionable feedback to update your LinkedIn profile, and start to build a presence through regular targeted activity. Use LinkedIn as a networking tool by promoting your company, your skills and your wins.  

Create A Custom 30/60/90 Day Action Plan  

Develop the kind of novel, innovative and successful tactics that can only come from close collaboration with a seasoned career professonal - one that has taken the time to understand your unique story and your career goals.

Promotion/Performance Review Coaching  

If you had a performance review tomorrow, would you land a raise? If your bonus is performance based, then you need to make sure you are hitting your performance expectations and documenting it. Don't know what those are? Learn from your coach how to approach your direct manager to discuss how to know what you're being measured on, and how to exceed those expectations. Need help preparing a presentation? We'll review it, so you can achieve maxiumum impact. 

See what our clients say.

"I was searching for a job over the course of 9 months.  

I had 40 interviews and while prospective employers told me I was impressive, I was not getting any offers, This was such a frustrating experience.  

I heard about Chameleon Resumes and signed up for a coaching session. During my coaching session my coach was able to quickly assess what I was not doing and help me understand what I needed to do to win people over and articulate my story.  

I listened to everything my coach told me and I got the job offer of a lifetime!  

I was so impressed with my coach and the entire support team, best financial investment of my life.  

Thank you for helping me over the finish line!! "

-Lauren C.

"Thank you so much for connecting your team with me today. Your one-hour consultation on interviewing strategies and prep was so informative and I predict - game changing.  

We went through STAR preparation and implementation, the good ol' elevator pitch, ageism concerns, and yes, the emotional topic of salary, too. They covered so much with me.  

I feel equipped and prepared should another interview opportunity come my way. I have much to practice and fine-tune now. Before my call with your team, I felt "okay'ish." Just "okay'ish".  

Further, she spoke with me about networking with someone who already offered me a "no". It was advice I genuinely needed and appreciated.

Everything your company has done with and for me has been amazing and has boosted my confidence level tremendously. It is very clear to me that you and your team are experts.  

-Betsy F.

Lisa Rangel and her team of professionals did an excellent job helping me market myself to prospective employers and company partners. Shortly after her help, I received and accepted a partnership offer with a fortune 500 financial services firm. I've also referred her to my adult children when they were looking for a career move. I highly recommend Lisa and her team to anyone thinking of a career move.

-David McCary, Wealth Management Strategist, Commercial Real Estate Investment Professional, Seed Venture Capital, Entrepreneur

Start creating career stability TODAY!